Cape Abilities Celebrates its 50th Anniversary!

A capacity-filled ballroom of more than 250 friends and family of Cape Abilities gathered on August 22, 2019 to celebrate the organization’s
fifty-year legacy of service across Cape Cod!

“A Celebration in Story”, a special salute to 50 years of creating  life-changing opportunities for individuals with disabilities on Cape Cod, capped off a year-long celebration and reflection on Cape Abilities’ five-decades journey as a flagship provider of services for people with disabilities.

“The engine that has motivated us has been one of courage, perseverance and fulfillment for our participants,” said Cape Abilities Board Chairperson Marion Broidrick (above, left), as she addressed attendees at the Resort and Conference Center in Hyannis.  “The passion, the professionalism and dedication of the employees.   The devotion and support of the families. The tireless efforts and commitment of the volunteers and the generosity and support of our  community partners and donors.  Together we have built an unstoppable force over the past 50 years that will continue to gain momentum and provide even more life-changing opportunities for the individuals we proudly serve.”

The voice of those who benefit most from the mission of Cape Abilities – its participants – was represented by Henry Svirsky (above, right).  Served by the organization since 2012, Hank spoke about his experience working at Cape Abilities Farm.  “Cape Abilities has helped me feel like I am part of the community, giving me more self-confidence and an opportunity to learn and grow.  Our greatest challenges are our greatest lessons, and with kindness and patience Cape Abilities has given me the tools to be successful.”

Also highlighted in the legacy of Cape Abilities was the important role of community partnerships,  like that of Special Guest Speaker Jung-Ho Pak (below, left, with CA President and CEO Jonathan Sproul) and the Cape Symphony, who recognize the importance of supporting and making the Cape community more inclusive.
“We’re probably two of the most beloved organizations on the Cape, with Cape Abilities celebrating 50 years of public service meeting an incredible need,” said Pak. “Cape Abilities creates opportunities, the Cape Symphony inspires joy, and that’s why we came together for this special, rare event.  It was an evening of beauty, joy and love.”

The event also celebrated one individual who was an integral part of the legacy and achievements
of Cape Abilities when Larry Thayer (below, with wife Beth) was presented with the
Cape Abilities Lifetime Achievement Award.   
Thayer, a former President and CEO of Cape Abilities,  was honored for his contributions
during his 25 years of service and commitment to our mission.


Proceeds from the 50th Anniversary Celebration benefit the
programs and services provide by Cape Abilities to more than 400 individuals with disabilities across Cape Cod.

To donate and support, please click on this link:

Thank you to all who made this incredible night,
and the past 50 years, possible!



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