A Garden of Hope, Inclusion, and Community: The Impact of Joseph Carr’s Support

Walking around the garden at Joseph Carr’s home, its hydrangea trees, lush perennial gardens, beautiful roses, and tranquil fountains are a striking image of the care Joseph puts into every detail. This garden is meaningful. It is a testament to the creative vision of the Josh Cellars’ founder and vintner and a representation of Joe’s vision of community ­—many of the flowers are grown by individuals working at Cape Abilities Farm.

“One day, we drove into Cape Abilities, and I looked around and saw a lot of really great stuff,” said Joseph of visiting Cape Abilities Farm for the first time with his late wife, Dee. “And then I kind of peeked behind the curtain a little bit, and I realized this is much more than just a flower shop and a farm stand, and it had a great deal of substance to it. We were both naturally attracted to that.”

Joe is a regular customer at the farm, shopping often for fresh produce, plants for his gardens, and local gifts. Staff and individuals look forward to seeing him in the market and welcome the friendly conversations.

“It’s an integral part of the community—it’s something that’s needed. It’s needed in many communities whether people realize it or not. I’m very thankful it’s here,” said Joseph. Joseph’s impact at Cape Abilities has gone above and beyond his role as a farm customer. Since 2021, Joseph has hosted an annual summer reception at his home to benefit Cape Abilities. The evening brings together individuals, staff, and supporters who learn more about our mission and its impacts. Providing the space for this event is incredibly meaningful—by opening his home and gardens, our community can connect with one another on a more personal level and hear from individuals supported by our programs.

“Cape Abilities is about a family and a community, and I want to be part of both. I thought, what better environment to do that to make it personal? Because it is about a personal relationship, and people who come here, I think, their eyes become open,” said Joseph, of hosting the annual reception.

Community involvement remains central for Joseph, and there are many other causes he is actively involved with on Cape Cod, including the arts, local healthcare and hospitals, veterans’ groups, and K-9 officer foundations. At the heart of his philanthropic work is a shared vision of a more inclusive and accessible Cape Cod for all.

“You’re only on this world for a very short period of time, and sometimes you discover that the hard way. To have an opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life—I get a lot out of that. I’m able to look at myself in the mirror and say maybe I made a little bit of a difference today,” said Joseph.

“You don’t have to write a check for a million dollars, you can just go volunteer, you can go spend a couple of hours. Maybe you can plant a garden.”

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