A Record of Support, Compassion, and Inclusion

Andy Needel is the owner of The Caped Cod, and the manager of the Cape Abilities Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) program.

When it comes to music, few things evoke nostalgia and a sense of timelessness like vinyl records. They carry the crackle of anticipation as the needle touches the grooves, delivering a rich, warm sound that captivates music enthusiasts and casual listeners alike. In a delightful collaboration between Cape Abilities Thrift and the passionate vinyl enthusiast, Andy Needel, music lovers can now relish their favorite classics while supporting the Cape Abilities mission. Andy’s business, The Caped Cod, is now selling classic vinyl records at Cape Abilities Thrift in West Yarmouth, with 50 percent of sales going directly to Cape Abilities.

Andy’s love for vinyl records goes beyond the joy of collecting; it’s a passion he has blended with his commitment to making an impact. As an advocate for individuals with disabilities, Andy understands the power of community support.

In 1995, Andy opened The Caped Cod as a brick-and-mortar retail CD, record, and sports card store. Since then, Andy has employed numerous individuals with disabilities, giving them an opportunity to experience classic music and learn the operations of a retail store. In 2009, Andy to pursue a master’s degree in Special Education and Training, and joined the Cape Abilities team in 2015 as Manager of the Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) program.

“It was a sad day to close the shop [in 2009],” Andy said, “but it’s great that I now get to combine so many different passions in one place.” He said he hopes that people will continue to show interest in the record selection at the thrift store so he can continue to make an impact.

Cape Abilities Thrift is now a go-to destination for those seeking the magic of vintage vinyl records. The store boasts an impressive selection that caters to every musical taste. From the timeless melodies of Carly Simon to the revolutionary sounds of The Beatles and beyond, there’s a treasure trove of classic vinyl awaiting discovery.

Find Andy and The Caped Cod on Instagram at @Caped.Cod and on Facebook. Connect with Cape Abilities Thrift on Instagram @capeabilitiesthrift and on Facebook. Go to capeabilitiesthrift.org for more.

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