Cape Abilities celebrates its 2019 Award winners!


The Core Values of Cape Abilities

These values are the foundation upon which we make decisions, plan strategies,
and interact with each other, our members and their families.

Compassion, Inclusion, Innovation, Integrity and Respect
reflect the beliefs that provide the basis for the actions and behaviors
that are important to Cape Abilities and its members in fulfilling our mission.

Today, we congratulate our 2019 Cape Abilities Awards winners.  We are proud of these dedicated, hard-working staff members and participants who display outstanding leadership qualities among their colleagues, and provide sterling examples for all to follow and benefit from every day.

2019 Compassion Award – Kayla Furtado –  CA Staff, Day Habilitiation; Katie Crooker – CA Participant, Resident
Kayla and Katie uphold the humane quality of understanding the needs of others and a willingness to assist them in creating their best possible selves.

2019 Inclusion Award – Tracey Fraser – CA Staff, Social Enterprise; Sophia Elder – CA Participant, Day Habilitation
Tracy and Sophia exhibit the thoughtful action of promoting, valuing and implementing a culture of diversity from which our entire community can benefit.

2019 Innovation Award – Linda Dias – CA Staff, Community Based Day Supports; Jeff Gage – CA Participant, Residential
Linda and Jeff display creative, thoughtful and proactive collaboration towards optimistic goals, with input from a variety of sources and with continual reassessment

2019 Integrity Award – Brittany Galgay – CA Staff, Community Based Day Supports; Henry Riel – CA Participant, Day Habilitiation
Brittany and Henry prove that our actions are driven by our guiding beliefs and principles of being transparent, open communication, ethical, honest, and trustworthy

2019 Respect Award – Omelyn Brown – CA Staff, Residential; Nina Kiernan – CA Participant, Day Habilitation
Omelyn and Nina demonstrate honor, value, and trust for each individual’s beliefs, strengths, challenges, unique experiences and self-advocacy.


2019 Helen Risch Employee of the Year
Monique Bennett (right, top) has worked tirelessly for 20 years in Cape Abilities’ Residential program. She seen many managers come and go and always jumps in to keep her managed house afloat, doing whatever is needed to ensure her clients to receive the quality supports they deserve. Monique has supported clients to the end of life, ensuring their dignity and human rights at all times. She is highly regarded by the families and they appreciate her dedication and care for their loved ones. Monique never complains, always displaying a good attitude and assisting her co-workers through rough times with her encouragement.

2019 Sean O’Brien Self Advocacy Award
Posthumously named in honor of Sean O’Brien, a Cape Abilities volunteer and staff who truly found his ability to advocate for himself, this award is presented to individuals determined to make real differences in their own lives.

Kristen Fichtner (right, middle) has attended Cape Abilities’ Day Habilitation program in Hyannis for over 12 years, becoming a valuable community advocate who enjoys making a difference in the lives of others.  She is a member of Cape Abilities Cape Able Group, which promotes independence and self-advocacy.  Her positive attitude and determination has made her a well-respected supporter of colleagues and friends, encouraging them to become advocates for themselves and to pursue and achieve their most cherished goals.   Kristen is a strong advocate not only for her peers but for Cape Abilities as well, and she absolutely exemplifies the mission of Cape Abilities.

2019 Participant Achievement Award
We learn something wonderful from each and every one of our participants.  Stephanie Ierardi (right, bottom), a member of Cape Abilities’ Community Based Day Supports program since 2017, is the prime example of that. A very caring, personable and outgoing individual, Stephanie is an ambitious, hard-working, advocate not only for herself, but for her peers as well.  Stephanie never misses an opportunity to engage in the Cape Cod workforce – she personifies the kind of loyal worker you want on your team!  Stephanie inspires us all to reach beyond our perceived limitations and to never, ever, give up on any of life’s challenges.



The Cape Abilities Awards showcase the finest in abilities
of the entire Cape Abilities family. 

Please join us in congratulating all of our Cape Abilities participants for their hard work and self-advocacy.  And a special congratulations and THANK YOU to all of our incredibly dedicated and loyal staff, who faithfully, lovingly and selflessly serve more than 400 individuals with disabilities every day.  The foundation of more than 50 years of service and success for Cape Abilities has been built by such individuals, and, simply put,  we cannot do what we do without them.


The 2019 Cape Abilities Awards were presented at our annual
Staff and Participant Picnic “Hoe-Down” in September!

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