Backyard in Bloom

Individuals at one of our 15 residential homes started an annual tradition: planting and harvesting a vegetable garden in the backyard of their home. This year, the garden has an especially meaningful addition – a wheelchair accessible runway.

Residential Direct Support Professional Fitzroy Williams, affectionately referred to as “Farmer Fitz” by individuals and staff while in the garden, spent three days constructing the runway so that the area could be enjoyed by every individual in the home, all of whom use the assistance of a wheelchair. With an extended grabbing tool in hand, individuals can now harvest the vegetables themselves or simply enjoy a few moments immersed in the garden.

“We get a lot of enjoyment out of it,” said Marc. “It gives us something to look forward to – checking the garden every day.”

The fall harvest has been bountiful after a summer of tending to the garden. Food grown in the yard is used to make seasonal meals within the home – adding fresh salads, salsas, and side dishes. This year’s vegetable garden features cucumbers, peppers, watermelon, and the house favorite: tomatoes.

Your support helps make features like an accessible vegetable garden a reality for individuals in our residences. The purchase of plants, fencing, and lumber used to construct the runway and garden are all possible thanks to your contributions. We thank you for your role in helping these opportunities bloom.

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