Cape Abilities Launches Capable Connections Podcast

We are making (air)waves through our new podcast, Capable Connections! Launched in the spring of 2021, Capable Connections has been an exciting addition to our Community Based Day Supports (CBDS) program.

The goal of the podcast is to give individuals a platform to express themselves, and witness the power of their voices. The platform improves communication, confidence, and teamwork. Capable Connections has also opened up opportunities for community involvement.

Cape Cod radio personality Stephanie Viva, morning show host at X1023.FM, came to the Lyndon Center to give CBDS individuals a crash course in audio production and interviewing. Viva also showed them how to use their new recording equipment, to help them hone their skills further.

The most recent podcast featured Lizzy Smythe. In addition to being a Cape Abilities staff member, Lizzy is also an actor with the Chatham Drama Guild. The interview focused on Lizzy’s involvement in the play, Murder on the Orient Express. The episode was published on the Chatham Drama Guild’s website to promote the show.

The goal is for the podcast to launch externally. Stay tuned!

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