Day Programs are Taking it to the Trails of the Cape Cod Canal!

With the warm weather of summer upon us, our Community Based Day Supports (CBDS) program is taking it to the trails of the Cape Cod Canal!

This year, CBDS has launched their Canal Challenge, aiming to walk more than 500 miles over the course of this summer and early fall – the length of the entire canal.

“Our participants like to walk along the canal – they look at all the boats and strive to achieve the 500-mile goal,” said Liz Egan, CBDS Specialist. “Not only is this Canal Challenge fun, but it’s also healthy!”

CBDS’s connection to the canal has deep roots. Members of the program have been volunteering with the US Army Corps of Engineers at the canal for over five years. Their work has been instrumental at the visitor’s center— planting gardens, weeding, and completing spring and fall cleanups have kept the exterior of the building welcoming and inviting to all visitors.

Last year, CBDS staff kept track of the distance that the group walked while exploring the scenic paths, and totaled an outstanding 400 miles from May to the end of October.

This year, they are hoping to increase their mileage, and their impact, even further and cross that 500 mile finish line. In recognition of the initiative, CBDS designed and donned t-shirts with the “CBDS Canal Challenge” proudly displayed.

Stay tuned for an update on their progress this fall!

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