Wall of Gratitude


2022 Donors

Generously Gifting $100 or More

Aaron and Kathryn Stratton
Adele Ackell
Ainslee Lamb
Alan and Patricia Symonds
Alan Gallo
Alan Palmer
Alex and Doris Bally
Alex Benik and Rebecca Bermont
Alice H. Webster
Alicia Knoff
Alisa and Kevin Gaughen
Alison Farias
Allan and Marti Clark
Allison Dunn
Allison Fraser
Am HaYam
Amanda Robinson
Amy and James Penn
Amy and Michael Hackworth
Amy and William Curley
Amy Harbeck
Amy Sterling-Bratt
Amy Weinstock
Andre Williams
Andrea and Robert Gotti
Andrea Carr and Larry Epstein
Andrea K. Kinnard
Andrew and Margaret Black
Andrew Gandini
Andrew Steidnger
Anita and Charles Rowley
Ann Crosby and Paul Roell
Ann Marie Garceau and Leonard DiLorenzo
Ann Sullivan
Ann Yahner
Anna Naimark
Anne and James Nelson
Anne and Norman Fountain
Anne Lowell
Anne Marie Kannaly
Anne Marie Resnik
Anne May
Annmarie Chang
Anthony and Christopher Baker
Anthony and Mina Giovannone
Anthony Guthrie
Anthony Marcinowski
Aram Goshgarian
Armand DeGrandis
Arthur and Elaine Dickinson
Arthur and Mary Lewis
Arthur and Nancy Stratton
Arvind Dayal and Olivia Morrissey
Audrey J. Hannant
Baird Eaton
Barbara A. O'Connor
Barbara and Charles Gachot
Barbara and Eugene Cormier
Barbara and Marc Amidon
Barbara Arel
Barbara Draper
Barbara Falese-Fitton
Barbara Hollis
Barbara Meyer
Barbara P. Martin
Barbara Paglia
Barbara Ravage
Barbara Shephard and Ivan Frantz
Barbara T. Woodward
Barbara Wand
Barbara Waring
Barbara Wood and Jay Vivian
Barry and Deirdre Paster
Barry and Katheryne Lavoie
Bass River Blinds
Beatrice M. Thenault
Becky J. Topalian
Becky Jorgensen
Benjamin Deruyter
Benjamin Horne
Bernadette R. Haynes
Bernard and Judith Cornwell
Bernard and Marirose Lynch
Beth and Jospeh Kennedy
Betsy Dubuque
Betty James
Bev Pangilinan
Beverly and Robert Parke
Beverly Clark
Beverly Costa
Beverly McCormick
Bill and Janice Abdelnour
Bill and Susan Gotschewski
Bio X Cell
Bob and Eleanor Quigley
Brad Tracy
Bradley and Carol Rowe
Bradley and Nancy Field
Brandon and Caitlin Greenwood
Brenda Meehan
Brendan Brickley
Brendan Hughes
Brett Rizzo
Brett Rowley
Brian and Carol Kenner
Brian and Mary Hastings
Brian and Nancy Scheld
Brian Buffum
Brian Long
Brian Scully
Brian Stagnitti
Bricken Sparacino and Michael Birch
Brook Deshais
Bruce and Bridget Eastman
Bruce and Kathleen Ryan
Bruce Richardson
Bruce Ryan
Bryan and Nancy Ruez
Bryan Maloney
Bryant T. Vinson
Burton Chico Malkofsky
Calah Burridge
Cameron and Julia Finch
Camilla and Louis Larrey
Camille A. Cosco
Carlos Mejia
Carmel K. Sterling
Carmella Limongelli
Carol A. Panasci and Mark Pasquini
Carol and Harold Knapp
Carol and Leo Conley
Carol and Stanley Bryant
Carol Cichy
Carol Hopkins
Carol J. Rennie
Carol L. Edelman
Carole Davidson
Carole Klein
Caroline Esther Coggeshall and David Banta
Carolyn and William Andersen
Carolyn Cahill and Katie Willett
Carolyn Eldredge
Carolyn F. Kiess
Carolyn Weiss
Casey And Mary Kemper
Caskie Lewis-Clapper
Cassidy Preston
Catherine and Gary Parese
Catherine Boykin and Walter Morris
Catherine E. Reuben
Catherine Goff
Cathy and Steven Sanders
Cathy Sacks
Cecilia J. Calhoun
Chad Callahan and Shelly Clark
Charles and Anita Rowley
Charles and Barbara Adams
Charles and Eileen Boehm
Charles and Ellen McGovern
Charles and Julia Gifford
Charles and Laurette Miccoli
Charles and Lois Kerbel
Charles and Mary Del Tatto
Charles and Robyn Kipnes
Charles and Rozanne Heller
Charles and Sherry Atterbury
Charles Collins
Charles F. Anderson
Charles J. Hinckley
Cherie Maguire
Cheryl A. Mernick
Cheryl and Nelson Belanger
Cheryl Martin
Cheryl Wilfong
Chester and Patricia Petkiewicz
Chris and Bryan LeBeau
Chris Minella
Chris Yelich
Christian Balzano
Christian Sterling
Christie Turner
Christina and David Mead
Christina Regan
Christina Vincent
Christine Atkin
Christine Bridge
Christine Castellano
Christine Mink
Christine Oskirko
Christine Pulsifer
Christine Smith
Christine Turner
Christopher and Gail Scudellari
Christopher and Lisa McNeil
Christopher and Lisa Smith
Christopher and Lynn Jones
Christopher Baker
Christopher Birch
Christopher Dowd and Dawn Decker
Christopher Flanagan
Christopher Thoms
Christos and Maria Alex
Chuck W. MacMillin
Claire and Donal Cahill
Claire and Richard Fenstermaker
Claire Curran
Claire Wright
Claudia M. Scapicchio
Connor Brickley
Conrad Beliveau
Cooper Murray
Cornelia and Arthur Cook
Courtney Houle
Craig Ashworth
Craig Thornton
Cynthia and David Egli
Cynthia Hickey
Cynthia M. Clarke
D. S. and Terese Brown
Dale and B.C. Williams
Dallas and Elizabeth Jones
Dan Lawton
Dana and Alison Rodin
Dana L. Manoogian
Daniel and Anne McCullough
Daniel and Mary Pacheco
Daniel Puopolo
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Wolf and Heidi Schuetz
Danielle Williams
Dara P. Gannon
David A. Brown
David and Diane Carter
David and Edith Ross
David and Elizabeth Smith
David and Gail Oppenheim
David and Jane Moffett
David and Jane Wood
David and Janet Dohan
David and Janet Holden
David and Judith Grosjean
David and Kaitlin Robinson
David and Linda Nixon
David and Margaret Wroe
David and Mary Ann Ryer
David and Melissa McGraw
David and Nancy Twichell
David and Virginia Murray
David Evans
David Fredricks
David Halvorsen
David Howland
David J. Mason
David Katherine Hegner
David MacLean and Denise Long
David R. Bailey
David Schneider
David Veach and Naomi Turner
David Wilkens
Dawn and Mark Donovan
Dayle Lawrence
Dayuan Fu
Deanna Griffiths
Debbie Daigle
Debbie Schmidt
Deborah and Richard Patrick
Deborah and William McLaughlin
Deborah Daigle
Deborah Russell
Deborah Stewart
Debra and Joseph Fleming
Denise A. Shanahan
Denise Malin
Dennis and Barbara Smith
Dennis Farrington
Derek Agri
DeWitt and Susan Davenport
Diana Skogseth
Diane and Donald Siddell
Diane Gayer
Diane Trovato
Diane Wells
Diane Wurzburger
Dianne Beuke
Dianne W. Mahoney
Dolores and Robert Lavin
Don and Nancy Jones
Don and Nancy Lee
Donald A. Baker
Donald and Janet Gauland
Donald and Madeline Albert
Donald and Nettie Pond
Donald Bachman and Karen Black
Donald Coakley
Donald Kelliher
Donald Stimer
Donald Szymkowicz
Donald Wheet
Donna and Ronald Daniele
Donna Buonopane and Bart Main
Donna C. Eagar
Donna Long
Donna Oliva-Greco
Donne Cutting
Dorothy Damon
Doug and Barbara Brady
Doug and Kimberlee McHugh
Doug Crennan
Douglas and Carol McGarvey
Douglas and Nancy Goodnow
Douglas Foss
Douglas Peterson
Dr. Kenneth Colmer and Dr. Lori Zito
Drusilla Jenkins
E. L. Drinane
Eamon O'brien
Earl and Patricia Stuck
Ed and Wendy McCormack
Ed Rizor
Edith Bingham
Edouard and Francoise Rocher
Edward and Judith Wilchynski
Edward and Sheila Macomber
Edward and Theresa McLoughlin
Edward Noonan
Edward Simisky
Edwin and Christine Ordway
Edwin Hoskins
Eileen A. Galligan
Eileen C. O'Toole
Eileen M. Griffin
Eileen M. Mceleney
Eileen Rizzo
Elaine and Richard Giberti
Elaine Towle
Elane and Daniel Williams
Elise Elliston
Elizabeth Aitken
Elizabeth and G. Howard Hayes
Elizabeth Cummings
Elizabeth Dailey
Elizabeth Donovan
Elizabeth Flynn
Elizabeth Gouveia Miner
Elizabeth Libow
Elizabeth Patkoske
Elizabeth Sotomayor
Elizabeth Stevens
Elizabeth W. McAdams
Ellen and Martin Ridge
Ellen Baxter
Ellen M. Scannell
Ellen Perkins
Ellen Puopolo
Elliot Pribilla
Elliott and Susan Carr
Emily Deemer
Emily Groemmer
Emma Dubner
Eric and Roberta Kaiser
Erik Schneider
Erin Fischell
Erin Reneau
Ernani Rocha
Ernest Bourassa
Ernest McNeill
Eulina Costa
Evangelos and Constance Geraniotis
F. William and Tamara Lickfield
Fay Hudson
Feather Graham
Frances Gallagher
Frances Stoll
Francis and Mary Mahoney
Francis and Sheila Filipowski
Francis Mulkern
Frank and Janet Mastomauro
Frank and Jean Emerling
Frank and Sarah Hewitt
Frank Silagy and Marthe Gold
Fred and Diane Hembree
Frederic Lowrie
Frederick and Lois Wrightson
Frederick Guidi
Gabriela Masko
Gabriele de Grace
Gabrielle Fischer
Gael Hanna
Gail and James O'Connor
Gail and the late Russell Peach
Gail Feest
Gail Larsen-MacPhee
Gail Schneider
Gail Schoonover
Galen and Megan Robbins
Garrett and Leslie Bird
Gary Eichhorn
Gary Sarro
George and Althea Lane
George and Anne Hadjimina
George and Janet Levesque
George and Lisa Taylor
George and Mikell Deptula
George and Susan Krouse
George and Terry Mason
George Grevelis
George Nemeth and Joyce St. Pierre
George R. Langlais
Gerald and Janine Cerasale
Gerald C. Dillon
Gerd and Norma Wagner
Gerie Schumann
Gilbert and Pamela Upson
Glenn and Louise Morris
Glenn and Rebecca Armbruster
Google Inc
Gordon and Susan Melville
Gordon Starr and Sheryl Greene-Starr
Grace Schoelkopf
Grace Spencer
Gregory and Fatemeh Kechejian
Gregory and Lois Cronin
Gregory and Robin Comfort
Gregory P. Shine
Gretchen A. Reilly
Gwen Dixon
H. W. and Judith Kaess
Haley Gewandter
Harle Carlsen
Harriet and Richard Larsen
Heather Ross
Helen and Richard Kosinski
Helen and W.C. Fisher
Helen Donovan and Holly Nixholm
Helen Nablo
Helmut and Patricia Tatar
Henry and Elizabeth Lind
Herbert and Teddi May
Hilary Kline
Holly A Phelps
Holly Gewandter and Nancy Heller
Holly Orme
Howard and Nancy Chudacoff
Howard Barker
Howard E. Taubner
Irene Checkovich
Irene Fawthrop
Irene Lacombe
Iris M. Yob
J. Freeman, Inc.
J. M. and Kathleen Schell
Jack and JoAnne Brown
Jackie and Blair Hendrix
Jackie Schuett
Jacqueline and Joseph Cipolla
Jacqueline K. Stowell
Jacqueline Roy
Jacquelyn L. Cooper
James A. McNulty
James and Barbara McElholm
James and Barbara O'Brien
James and Cynthia O'Leary
James and Eileen Cullen
James and Elizabeth Taylor
James and Elsa Partan
James and Jeanne Longo
James and Jill McGrath
James and Judith Parmelee
James and Leslie Botsford
James and Margaret Frost
James and Marian DeCesaris
James and Minna Nathanson
James and Nancy Padula
James and Patricia Robert
James and Regina Shakin
James and Sharon Heiman
James and Susan Stinson
James and Virginia Steinberg
James Barnes
James Blacquier
James Carolyn Bosserman
James Ferry
James Hinkle and Roy Hammer
James J. Torney
James Penn
James Robinson
James S. Still
James Taylor
Jamie Bombardier
Jamshed and Ann Mulla
Jan Hurwitz
Jane and Donald Bermont
Jane and George Elliott
Jane Cronin
Jane Goodman
Jane Roiter
Jane W. McIntosh
Jane Whitley
Janet and John Roman
Janet and Gary Toenniessen
Janet B. Marticke
Janet Bianco
Janet Charpentier and James Kowalski
Janet Curtis
Janet G. Abbott
Janet Killmon
Janet Sisterson
Janice Egly
Janice Kinder
Janice M. Weir
Janice Walsh
Janie and Andy Culbert
Jason Meadows
Jay and Donna Hill
Jay and Irene Giles
Jay D. Trepp
Jay Sushelsky and Noreen Marcus
Jean and John Entwistle
Jean B. Gore
Jean Bannister
Jean D. Laterz
Jean M. Oakley
Jean Rawdon
Jeanne F. McCann
Jeanne McNett and Nicholas Athanassiou
Jeff and Robin Spilman
Jeff Eagle
Jeff Scott
Jeffrey and Caroline Erving
Jeffrey Consolmagno
Jeffrey Powers
Jeffrey Sousa
Jen Ford
Jenn and Jason Sawyer
Jenn Gale
Jennifer and Evan Walsh
Jennifer and Noel Longworth/Meyer
Jennifer Bousquet
Jennifer Coffey
Jennifer Dube
Jennifer McCartin
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Scully
Jennifer Sparacino
Jennifer Tupe
Jenny Rayne
Jerilyn and Stephen Bebrin
Jerry Orefice
Jess and Bart Stewart
Jess Torres
Jessica Auclair
Jessica Fuentes
Jessika Welcome
Jill and Eric Mays
Jill P. Hillier
Joan B. Bernstein
Joan Davis
Joan Farahmand
Joan L. Creedon
Joan O'Connor
Joan Simpson
Joann Melendes
Joanna Hackett
Joanne Olson
Joanne Pace and Walter Luby
Joanne T. Corcoran
Jodie Urcioli
Joe and Lisa O’Connor
Joe Steele
Joel and Beth Crowell
Joel D. Tallman
Johanna Shelton
Johanne Gallus
Johannes Van Der Wal
John Adair Adair
John and Anita Drew
John and Anne O'Brien
John and Barbara Roessner
John and Betty Herr
John and Carla Morey
John and Christina Garner
John and Christine McCartney
John and Darlene Kaminski
John and Deb Laurino
John and Ellen Citron
John and Jean McCormack
John and Joanne McCormack
John and Joanne Robichaud
John and Judith Gregorian
John and Karen Townsend
John and Kathleen DeFeo
John and Kathleen Ohman
John and Linda Fox
John and Marialice Chipman
John and Marilyn Mohan
John and Mary Paone
John and Marylouise Still
John and Maureen Rukstalis
John and Moira Keating
John and Nancy Giansante
John and Nancy Whelan
John and Patricia Kenney
John and Sandra Ferriter
John and Susan Sasso
John Bowen
John Chobanian
John E Frost Jr
John F. Mahan
John Hussey and Kimberly Fletcher
John Johnson
John Kramer
John Lavelle
John McNair
John Mitchell and Marilyn Ryley
John Murphy
John O'Connor
John R. Crow
John Raye
John Redding
John Regan
John Rogol
John Sterman
Jon and Cheryl Patsavos
Jonah Lupton
Jonathan and Donna Richman
Joseph and Joan Crowe
Joseph and Joan Valle
Joseph and Karen Pacheco
Joseph and Sherry Broderick
Joseph and Victoria Klein
Joseph Belanger
Joseph Capello
Joseph Gallagher
Joseph Leskody
Joseph Manning
Joseph Sack
Joseph Savage
Joyce E Longworth
Joyce E. Noyes
Joyce Harrington
Joyce Kohr
Judith Gagnon
Judith Galvin
Judith S. Ziss
Judith U. Hoyt
Judy Barnstead
Judy Patten
Judy Schumacher
Julia Sorcinelli
Julie and Doug Bolton
Julie and Michael Donaldson
Julie Jones
Julie Langenauer
Julie M. Bender
Julie O'Neil
June A. Cameron
Justin Cazeault
Kareen Warner
Karen and Daniel Smith
Karen and Louis DeCarlo
Karen and Richard Giusti
Karen and Thomas Walsh
Karen Back
Karen Banis
1856 Country Store at Centerville
A1A Steel LLC
AbbVie Inc.
AIM Thrift Shop
Anchorage on the Cove
Arbella Insurance Foundation, Inc.
Aubuchon Foundation
Aubuchon Hardware
Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Barnstable Electric
Barnstable-Yarmouth Lions Club
Beacon Marine Construction, LLC
Bortolotti Construction, Inc.
Boston Police Patrolmen's Association, Inc.
Cambia Health Foundation
Cape and Islands United Way
Cape Cloth, LLC
Cape Cod Classics Car Club
Cape Cod Coffee
Cape Cod Five
Cape Cod Insulation
Cape Shark
Carpet Barn
Carpet Solution, Inc.
Castle Pointe Management, Inc.
Centerville Pie Co.
Central Cape Glass
Chatham Village Market, Inc.
Chatham Yacht Basin
Chevron Corporation / Chevron Humankind
Comcast Corporation
Consigli Foundation, Inc.
Copeland Subaru Hyannnis
Daughters of Penelope
Del Mar Vacations Inc
Desmond Well Drilling, Inc.
Dolan Custom Woodworks, LLC
Dowling & O'Neil Ins. Agency, Hilb Group
E. J. Jaxtimer Builder, Inc.
E.H. Metalcraft Co. Inc.
E.W. Drew, Inc.
Eastham Fire Fighters
EOG Resources, Inc.
Fairway Lawn & Tree Service
Falmouth Garden Club
First Congregational Church of Harwich
FTI Consulting
Give Lively Foundaton
Givinga Foundation, Inc.
Greek Ladies Philoptochos Society, Inc. of Cape Cod
Hallett Funeral Home, Inc.
Hanover Insurance Group
Harold L. Wyman Foundation Inc.
Harwich Conservation Trust
Heritage Christian Church
Hingham Institution for Savings
Holbrook R. and Sarah M. Davis Foundation Inc.
I.U.O.E. Local No. 4
J & P Hyannis Trust
Jaxtimer Landscaping LLC
John C. Ricotta & Assoc., Inc.
John F. & Dorothy H. Magee Foundation
Joseph C. Mancuso Jr. Insurance Agency
Joseph Nickerson Trust
Knights of Columbus - Pope Paul VI Council #7312
Lavori Sterling Foundation Inc.
Lawrence Lynch Corp.
Lawrence-Lynch Corp. Foundation for Charitable Giving
Liberty Mutual Employee Giving
LinkedIn Corporation
Mac's Seafood
Manoog lll, John C Law Offices
Mashpee Women's Club
Maurice's Campground
McBee Enterprises D/B/A McDonald's
McPhee Associates of Cape Cod
Melchionda Construction Co., Inc.
Midnight Mail, Inc.
Nauset Rental
Our Lady's Guild
Oxford House
Pella Windows & Doors
Petillo-Schneider Charitable Fund
Pilgrim Congregational Church
Quality Van Sales Inc.
Quidditch Foundation, Inc.
Ready Rooter, Inc.
Redgrave, LLP
Retired Men's Club of Cape Cod
Robie's Refrigeration Inc.
Rogers Gray Insurance Agency, Inc.
Roy Family Fund
Royal II Restaurant
Sandwich Fireplace Inc.
Shell Oil Company Foundation Matching Gift Program
Simons Giving Fund
South Congregational Church
St. David's Episcopal Church
St. Vincent De Paul Society - St. Joan of Arc Conference
Stello Construction Enterprises, Inc.
Stephen R. Casey & Carlotta Casey Coyne Fund
Sunderland Printing
Susan R. and John W. Sullivan Foundation
The A. D. Philanthropic Fund Inc.
The Bertolon Family Foundation
The Cape Cod Foundation
The Cedar Street Foundation
The Chamberlain Foundation
The Church of the Holy Spirit
The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod
The Federated Church of Orleans
The Garden Club of Hyannis
The Lyndon Paul Lorusso Charitable Foundation
The Mary-Louise and Ruth N. Eddy Foundation
The Mendoza Iturralde Family
The New York Community Trust / Sydney Krause Fund
The Palmer and Jane D. Davenport Fdn.
The TJX Foundation, Inc.
The Whole Clam, LLC/ The Knack
Town Fair Tire Foundation, Inc.
Tracy Volkswagen
Travelers Community Connections
United Way of the Capital Region
USDA, United States Department of Agriculture
Vinyl Development, LLC
West Parish of Barnstable
Westies Shoe Outlet
Whalen Restoration Services, Inc.
Whiteley Fuel Oil, Company
Whole Health Pharmacy
Winsome Fund
Wodecroft Foundation
Karen Bulwidas
Karen Kleinhans
Karen Lilly and David Kenney
Karen M. O'Connor
Karen R. Jenen
Karen Stapelton
Karen Wheet
Kate Lingley
Katelyn Cummings
Katharine Yash
Katherine Green
Katherine H. Delaney
Katherine H. Goddard
Katherine Stagnitti
Kathleen and Joseph DeMita
Kathleen Bowen
Kathleen D Addazio
Kathleen Mulroy
Kathleen Plettner
Kathleen Sawyer
Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Vranos
Kathryn and Peter Schutzler
Kathryn Friend
Kathy and Gary Sharpless
Katie Harmon
Katlyn Morris
Kay and Denny Ciganovic
Keisser Rocha
Keith and Carol Woodbury
Keith and Laurie Phelan
Keith and Louise Wasley
Keith Carvounis
Kelly and Susan Ferguson
Kelly Borsatto
Kelly Gannon
Kelly Lagergren
Kenneth and Anita Woolf
Kenneth and Elizabeth Sommer
Kenneth and Marianne Eubanks
Kenneth and Mary Northup
Kenneth Erban
Kenneth F. Cardran
Kenneth Foreman and Anne Giblin
Kenneth Hieb
Kerry D. Walton
Kevin and Eileen Curtin
Kevin and Judy Jamieson
Kevin and Patty Maloney
Kevin and Theresa Kelley
Kevin Butler
Kevin O'Brien
Kim Longworth
Kim Malvey
Kim McElholm
Kim Roderiques
Kimberly and David Sterling
Kimberly Di Rodi
Kristen Diotte
Kristin Kreckler
Kristine Joyce
Kyla and Ramzy Asmar
Lance and Deborah Neumann
Larry and Beth Thayer
Laura Burnett
Laura Campbell
Laura Difranco
Laura Hunt
Laureen Kunches
Lauren and Thomas Griffiths
Lauren L. McGowan
Laurie Naughton
Laurie Yousefi
Lawrence and Anne Spaulding
Lawrence and Barbara Singmaster
Lawrence Noble and Patricia Bak
Lawrence Rosenfield
Leanne Avakian
Lee and Jane Chirgwin
Lee and Myrna Silverman
Lee Dixon
Leland and Martha Adams
Leland Hawkins
Leon and Rose Jodice
Leona A. Kelliher
Leonard and Susan Formato
Leonora Thomas
LeRoy and Antoinette Malouf
Lesley and Frederick Miller
Leslie and John Williams
Liduina and Paul Bosselaers
Linda and John Adams
Linda and Kevin Simard
Linda and Richard Stone
Linda and Robert Ayotte
Linda Arthur
Linda Barbo
Linda DeYoung
Linda Doyle-Simard
Linda E. Goodridge
Linda Fennell
Linda Loving
Linda McVay
Linda Rubenstein
Linda Salamon
Linda Sironen and Frank Uttaro
Linda Sliwoski
Linda Stewart
Lisa and Christopher McNeil
Lisa and Joel Winer
Lisa and John Gough
Lisa and Stuart Green
Lisa Clifford
Lisa M. Cline
Lisa McNeill
Lisa Rodia
Lj Patten
Logan and Kristen Clarke
Lois Barry
Lois L. Taylor
Lori and Christopher Wadsworth
Lori Ann Hazell
Lori Gandini
Lori Zanelli
Lorne Fellows
Lorraine and R.G. Clarke
Lorraine Casey
Lorraine Kirk
Louis and Carol Volpe
Louise Huber
Lucy Gilmore
Lucy West
Luke Dahlberg
Luke Foley
Lynn and Lee Williamson
Lynn Donohue
Lynn Kenney
Lynn Manning
Lynn McElholm
Lynne Mcgraw
M. Isabel and H.J. Corbett
Maggie Donahue
Maggie Shannon
Malcolm and Patricia MacDonald
Marc and Carol Whaley
Marc and Carolyn Gordon
Marc and Linda Lieberman
Marc and Maxine Goldberg
Marc Goetz
Marc Harris
Marcia ad Thomas Vander Voort
Marcia and Roger Randall
Marcia Dorosario
Marcos Garcia
Marcy and Allen Kolchinsky
Marcy Singer
Margaret and Francis Fecteau
Margaret and James Davis
Margaret and M. Dozier Gardner
Margaret Caldwell
Margaret O'Hara
Margaret Roscoe
Margaret Sergi
Marianne and Ronald Renaud
Marianne Ganzenmuller
Marianne Lee
Marianne Sullivan
Marie Colbert
Marie Perfetti
Marilyn M. Bruneau
Marion E. Broidrick
Marion Healy
Marion L. Kaiser
Mark Albrecht
Mark and Barbara Wetzel
Mark and Carol Pasquini
Mark and Cheryl Wolfe
Mark Dillon
Mark Downey and Ian Ryan
Mark G. Striffler
Mark L. Noonan
Mark McManus
Mark Reed
Mark Tonkin
Marlene and Paul Marx
Marsha Dilk
Marsha P. Oest
Marshall and Judy Taylor
Marshall Puffer
Martha and James Doolin
Martha and Robert Cowden
Martha Baldwin
Martha McCullough-Moynihan
Martha McDonald
Martin and Heather Morgado
Martin and Kathy Fogle
Martin Flusberg and Helen Tager-Flusberg
Martin Piazzola
Martine Zucker
Marty and Shanon DeMatteo
Mary and David Agnew
Mary and Jim Judge
Mary and Martin Ottolini
Mary and Robert Lingley
Mary Ann and Philip Miller
Mary Cahill
Mary Chamberlain
Mary Dimanno
Mary Foley
Mary Frances McConville
Mary Gallo
Mary H. Utt
Mary Jackson
Mary Jo Rubin
Mary L. Hayes
Mary Levy
Mary Mccarthy
Mary Ryan and the late Dennis Ryan
Mary Sarah Baker
Maryann V. Daniele
Marybeth McInnis
Matheus Moreira
Mathew Tiano
Matthew and Lisa Natcharian
Matthew Pelligrino
Matthew Tordoff
Maureen Dolan
Maureen L. Buckley
Maureen O’Neil
Maureen V. O'Rourke
Maurice and Mary O'Sullivan
Meg & Frank O’Connor
Megan Starr
Megan Yaps
Meghan McLaughlin
Meghan Taylor
Melissa Beyer
Melissa Wellman
Melody Edson
Melora North
Michael A. Walsh
Michael and Aileen Duarte
Michael and Barbara Ann McCahill
Michael and Barbara Funk
Michael and Carol Porter
Michael and Donna Herlihy
Michael and Elizabeth Williams
Michael and Karen McCarthy
Michael and Martha Sekerak
Michael and Sally Pearson
Michael and Syrel Dawson
Michael B. McDonough
Michael Degnan
Michael Gethin
Michael Herman
Michael Kemp
Michael Mazurczak
Michael Sobon
Michele Friedman
Michelle Ardzinski
Michelle C. Freeman
Michelle Moran
Michelle Walsh
Mike and Christina Lorenz
Mike O'Toole and Kris Broughton
Mitchel Rogers
Molly and Peter Karlson
Molly Gilmartin
Molly Vozick-Levinson
Monda S. Prior
Monica and Robert Pratt
Mulholland Kathleen
Muriel L. Colthart
Nadine Hoagland
Nancy and Brian Scheld
Nancy and Clive Durose
Nancy and David Cudlipp
Nancy and Jack Bradley
Nancy and John Crossetti
Nancy B. Poor
Nancy Gibbons
Nancy Greer
Nancy Hensler
Nancy J. Jamieson
Nancy M. Sweeney
Nancy Mccarthy
Nancy Monroe
Nancy Pratt
Nancy S. Lowery
Nancy Woitkowski
Nathan Littman
Nathan Maki
Neil McLaughlin
Neil Nolan
Nelson and Susan Orr
Network for Good
Nicholas and Patricia Racheotes
Nicholas Valastro
Nick DeGrandis
Nicolas Mcqueen
Nicole Willey
Nils Nelson
Norm and Connie Weare
Pam & Mike Morrison
Pamela Blackmun
Pamela Frantz
Pamela Kukla
Pamela Lafrance
Patricia A. Cahill
Patricia and Christopher Koehler
Patricia and Donald Karpe
Patricia and Michael Schumaecker
Patricia Barnhart
Patricia Basteri
Patricia Boozang and Thomas Nedell
Patricia Burke
Patricia Carlson
Patricia Curry
Patricia Eldridge
Patricia Gerrior and Gordon Waring
Patricia Goggin and Scott Callahan
Patricia Lemme
Patricia Lotane
Patricia Malian
Patricia Pepe
Patrick and Maria McNally
Patrick Barrett
Patrick Foran
Patrick Marcotte
Patsy M. Lightbown
Paul and Andrea Peloquin
Paul and Bernadette Campbell
Paul and Christine Leofanti
Paul and Denise Barreira
Paul and Janet Hicks
Paul and Karen Silva
Paul and Katherine McDonough
Paul and Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Paul and Marie Bourassa
Paul and Mary Ellen Hewins
Paul and Maureen Ward
Paul and Patricia McCarthy
Paul and Paula Shortell
Paul and Rebecca Blanchfield
Paul Boorack
Paul Capobianco
Paul Kula
Paul R. Tardif
Paul Rogan Jr
Paul W. Sullivan
Paula and Ron Belyea
Paula and Theodore Richard
Paula C. Butler
Paula Carroll
Paula Flynn
Paula Kane
Paulina Dos Santos
Pauline Munroe
Pete, Francie, Geoff and Drew Peltier
Peter and Amy Rice
Peter and Catherine Lawler
Peter and Connie Lacaillade
Peter and Judith Zimmerman
Peter and Margaret Sherin
Peter and Mary Ellen Marsden
Peter and Schatze Thorp
Peter B. Rodts
Peter Bell
Peter Cardia
Peter Connolly and Susan McKenty Connolly
Peter Dikeman
Peter Folan
Peter Galison and Caroline Jones
Peter Lemire
Peter Semere
Philip and Kathleen Murphy
Philip and Mary Liz McCahill
Phillip Rheault
Phillipa Vaporciyan
Pierre and Jill Auger
Polyanna Rocha
R. Warren and Dorothy Breckenridge
Rachel Becker
Rachel Gillis
Ralph E. Crowell
Randy and Anne Smith
Raymond and Emilie Pirrone
Raymond and Janet Flaherty
Raymond and Janet Ward
Raymond and Linda Archacki
Raymond and Mary Wysocki
Raymond Caterino
Regina M. O'Connor
Regis and Amanda Coccia
Richard and Ann Hosmer
Richard and Barbara DeGrandis
Richard and Barbara Smith
Richard and Beverly Hoffstein
Richard and Cathy Boskey
Richard and Cheryl Neu
Richard and Helen Sullivan
Richard and Jean Hoyt
Richard and Kari Hoffmann
Richard and Lisa Oliver
Richard and Melissa Kraycir
Richard and Rosemary Maye
Richard and Susan Galbraith
Richard and Susan Hamilton
Richard Brown
Richard Bruen and Elizabeth Paladino-Bruen
Richard Cohen and Meredith Viera
Richard Craddock
Richard Gallo
Richard J. Abraham
Richard Kiusalas
Richard Mains and Elizabeth Eipper
Richard Marks and Jenny Morrison
Richard Mccullough and Rissa Wabaunsee
Richard O'Connor
Richard Pisano and Jane Grosano
Richard W. Gryncewicz
Rick Buttrick
Roald and Cynthia Lokken
Rob Cicchetti
Robert Abbott
Robert and Barbara Donahue
Robert and Barbara Sherman
Robert and Barbara Wells
Robert and Betty Ryder
Robert and Charlotte Shepard
Robert and Christine Johnson
Robert and Deborah Kiessling
Robert and Dianne Payne
Robert and Irene Zandoli
Robert and Jean Sheridan
Robert and Linda White
Robert and Mary McDonald
Robert and Michelle Goodnow
Robert and Pamela White
Robert and Patricia Loesch
Robert and Susan Ridgley
Robert B. Winslow
Robert E. Flaherty
Robert Fontaine
Robert Gaughen and Kathy Deerman
Robert Gayer
Robert Gutierrez
Robert Jackson and Lenore Walsh
Robert Kline
Robert Labrecque
Robert Lynch and Karen Poindexter-Lynch
Robert Mcconaghy
Robert Muollo
Robert R. Johnson
Robert Young
Roberta Williamson
Robin and Jeff Spilman
Robyn Skerry
Roderick and Catherine MacDonald
Roger and Anne Berman
Roger Robinson
Romaine Macomb and Ruth Feldman
Ronald and Megan Hovsepian
Ronald D Falcione
Ronald Fisher and Lisa Rosenbaum
Ronald Lundin
Ronn Kliger
Rosemary Moeller
Roy Cardia
Rudolph and Irene Schultz
Russell Dietz and Patricia Yalden
Russell L and Nancy Peterson
Ruth Foxman
Ruth Hitchings
S. L. and Jane Dingman
S. Paula T. Clark
Sally Anderson
Sally C. Adams
Sami Chiriac
Sandra L. Barnes
Sandra Lynch
Sandra Meyer and Robert Fair
Sandra Milano
Sandra P. Foundas
Sara Hutchinson
Sarah Harrington
Sarah Spillane
Sarah Wormer
Scott and Christine Biller
Scott and Melissa Rockman
Scott Kwarta
Scott Mcfarland
Seth and Nancy Taylor
Shannon Morneau
Shannon Webber
Sharon A. Wall
Sharon Buchanan
Sharon Burgess
Sharon Donohue and Paul Caruso
Sharon Hutchins
Sharon Klardie
Sharon Mabile
Sharon Tennstedt and Mark Martino
Sheila and Ralph Holcomb
Sheila Eppolito
Sheila I. Howard
Sheila K. Largay
Sheila Marx
Sherry J. Doane
Shirley A. O'Brien
Shirley and Daniel Walsh
Shirley and John Farrington
Simmee and Rich Silton
Sophie Kouble
Stefan and Patricia Schiestl
Stefanie Adams and William Ellis
Stephan Berrick and Cynthia Fox
Stephanie A. Helm
Stephanie and Ralph Wall
Stephanie Finch
Stephen and Barbara Bindler
Stephen and Jane Needel
Stephen and Judith Macdonald
Stephen and Mary Beth Daniel
Stephen and Nancy McPherson
Stephen and Susan Williams
Stephen and Tracey Salley
Stephen Botello
Stephen Briscoe
Stephen Brockman
Stephen Curtis and Patricia Connolly
Stephen Darr and Linda Fermery
Stephen M. Rabasco
Stephen R. Phillips
Stephen Symonds
Steva Feirscarpelli
Steve & Kat Larkin
Steve Gilman
Steven and Hasia Diner
Steven and Linda Tolf
Steven and Mary Gulrich
Steven and Moira Hoskins
Steven Hubbard
Steven Kolak
Steven Musto
Steven T. Hannigan
Stuart and Anne Randle
Stuart and Lisa Rothman
Stuart Farkas
Sue Barnicle
Sue Porretti
Sungwon Hwang
Susan and Art Hartung
Susan and Eddie Oates
Susan E. Golebiowski
Susan Eliot
Susan Fischer
Susan Fletcher
Susan Holloway
Susan Jones
Susan M. Brigham
Susan M. Rhilinger
Susan Martin-Dalterio
Susan McKinley
Susan Mecsas-Faxon
Susan Mendoza
Susan Stefanik
Susan Thomas
Susan Tremblay
Suzanne and Robert Puzzo
Suzanne and Thomas Sullivan
Suzanne E. Walton
Suzanne Kowalchyk
Suzanne Lowensohn
Suzanne McArdle
Suzanne Turner
T. E. and Kathleen Linkkila
Ted and Clare Monac
Teresa Karamanos
Terry and Jerome Manning
Theodore Picott
Theresa A. Egan
Theresa Amatore
Theresa Harriman and Michael Caccavale
Therese E. Violette
Thom Maul
Thomas and Doris Harrington
Thomas and Janet La Tanzi
Thomas and Lauren Griffiths
Thomas and Maureen Moran
Thomas and Phyllis Peterson
Thomas and Roberta Burke
Thomas and Sandra Ulrich
Thomas Cahill
Thomas E. Flynn
Thomas Foley
Thomas Frechette
Thomas Henderson
Thomas Henry and Mary Thomas
Thomas Hughes
Thomas Klonick and Evelyn Frazee
Thomas Kruzen and Robert Mazur
Thomas L. Stripling
Thomas Lane
Thomas Mason
Thomas O’Connor
Thomas Ruo
Thomas Seguin
Timothy and Carolyn Grimes
Timothy and Mary Hegarty
Timothy and Pamela Cronin
Timothy and Susan Maguire
Timothy and Susan Miller
Timothy Coughlin
Timothy E. Kehoe
Timothy Hackett
Timothy Otoole
Toby E. Kalman
Todd L Kenner
Tomaso Denoia
Tony and Karen Pierson
Tracey Fraser and Alfred Roberts
Trevor Roycroft and Sally McDonnell
Tyler Montgomery
V. Douglas and Lisa Errico
Valerie Burns
Valerie Silva
Van and Vivian Haidas
Vicki and Paul Longo
Victoria Thorp
Vi-Mae and Enos Arnold
Virginia and C.J. Vahlberg
Virginia B. Conway
Virginia Carrington
Virginia Dickie
Virginia E. Johnson
Virginia G. Klun
W. Scott Kerry and Moira Noonan-Kerry
Walter and Janet Baran
Walter Wych
Wayne and Diane Lingafelter
Wayne Prince
Wendelyn Salisbury
Wendy K. Nelson
William and Antonia Cook
William and Barbara Hill
William and Barbara Nye
William and Betsy Leitch
William and Carol Keough
William and Claire Larson
William and Donna Donle
William and Elaine Allard
William and Elizabeth O'Brien
William and Ellen Gibbs
William and Evelyn Keyes
William and Fran Lenich
William and Jane Landis
William and Janet Younker
William and Jensie Shipley
William and Judith Weil
William and Kristina DeCost
William and Laurel Lemon
William and Laurie Agel
William and M. Joanna Reade
William and Marilyn Storff
William and Marjorie Montague
William and Mary Fenney
William and Maureen Fischer
William and Nancy Crowley
William and Nancy Jarvis
William and Tara Dougherty
William Flynn
William H. Hayes
William Hartford
William N. Keto
Winnie Moynihan
Zachary Littman
Zoe Hellwig