Individuals learn new skills while job shadowing at Rise and Shine Treats!

Pauline Correia mixes cookies with support from Adriana Russell of Rise and Shine.
Amy Hastings (right) with Adriana at the Rise and Shine farmer’s market stand in Osterville.

Individuals in our Individual Supports program have been having a great time job shadowing at Rise and Shine Treats! Pauline and Amy have been baking up a storm this summer, assisting in the kitchen and at the Rise and Shine stand at the Osterville Farmer’s Market!

Rise and Shine Treats is dedicated to empowering adults with disabilities, providing opportunities for individuals to shine. Amy and Pauline have had a great time shadowing with their team and learning new skills! 💙🍪

Rise and Shine provides an opportunity for adults with disabilities to RISE above pre-existing limitations set for people with disabilities and SHINE by embracing and being empowered by their unique individual abilities.

You can follow Rise and Shine Treats on Instagram at @riseandshine.treats.



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