Internship at Chatham Bars Inn Turns into Employment Opportunity

Many of our individuals choose to pursue employment opportunities, and we are proud to celebrate their successes as well as recognize the community partners who provide the meaningful employment opportunities. Take our friends at Chatham Bars Inn, for example. Tim Brunton has worked at Chatham Bars Inn for over four years, where he has become a core employee of the kitchen staff. Primarily focusing on sorting and polishing silverware for restaurant place settings, Tim has enjoyed his time at Chatham Bars Inn since he started in 2017.

“Oh yes!” he replied, when asked about whether he enjoys the core components of his job.

Tim noted that his favorite part of working at Chatham Bars Inn is the people he gets to interact with on a regular basis. Not only has Tim developed his hospitality skills during his time here, but he has also made close friends among the staff.

“Everyone is very friendly…I’ve learned to get along with everyone,” said Tim.

What initially started as an internship opportunity, soon turned into an employment opportunity at the resort and restaurant after a lot of training, hard work, and skill development.

Tim’s success at Chatham Bars Inn is a testament to his hard work and dedication, but it also represents the power of the meaningful opportunities provided by vital programs and services supported by community partners – and you!

Tim Brunton has worked in the kitchen of Chatham Bars Inn for over four years.

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