Pawsitive Impacts: Volunteer Judy Savage brings fun, friendship, and a furry friend to day programs

Judy Savage brings us her energy, compassion, and fun as a rockstar volunteer, giving her time at our Lyndon Center and in our Growing Friendships Program.

Judy first connected with Cape Abilities in 2021, shortly after moving to Cape Cod full-time with her husband. One of their dogs, Brewster, a Newfoundland, received his certification as a therapy dog right before the Covid pandemic; once things began to re-openJudy began seeking opportunities for Brewster to put his skills into action on the Cape! A chance encounter with a Cape Abilities Day Hab group walking at the Wellfleet pier introduced them and welcomed them wholeheartedly.

“It’s kind of a big deal when Brewster and I come, and the individuals really look forward to seeing him. Brewster really enjoys the work, he enjoys the interactions,” said Judy. “He’s a very loving and calm dog, and nothing really seems to rattle him.”

Judy visits the Lyndon Center monthly with Brewster, delighting both individuals and staff and bringing fulfillment to all involved.


At 120 pounds, Brewster is a true gentle giant, bringing excitement and joy to some individuals while at the same time acting as a calming presence for others. He is also particularly fond of the homemade dog treats our Day Hab individuals bake and donate to local animal shelters!

“There are so many individuals whose faces light up when they see Brewster…even when he drools!” said Judy.

Shortly after starting as a volunteer, Judy learned about our Growing Friendships program and the opportunity to form a deeper connection with an individual based on similar interests. Judy was paired up with Brittany based on their common love of dogs, and the two have formed a lasting friendship.

The two enjoy walks with Brewster and Judy’s other dog, Lucy. In the summer, they love an ice cream or cold drink together, and in the winter, they’ll often go out to lunch and enjoy conversation.

“We get to know each other better because we are spending more one-on-one time together. She has shared a lot of her experiences with me. I would say it’s definitely a deeper friendship. I feel like my role is just to be a friend,” said Judy of Growing Friendships. “It’s been really nice for all of us.”

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