Pre-ETS Students Reflect on their Summer Internships

For many high school students, Autumn means a return to school and parting ways with a summer job or internship. For students with disabilities, finding summer jobs that helps them build valuable job skills while being supportive is key. That is where the Cape Abilities Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) program steps in!

Pre-ETS helps high school students ages 14-21 prepare for their post-graduation life through supports like self advocacy classes, resume writing, and career exploration. This past summer, Pre-ETS students completed internships throughout the community – helping them hone valuable job skills while earning a paycheck! Here are just a few of the places you may have seen a Pre-ETS student this summer:

Cape Abilities Farm

Jessie, Rory, and Samantha were valuable additions to the summer crew, who worked hard and had fun – developing skills like cashiering and tending to the greenhouses and gardens on the Farm. They even had the chance to sample new items added to the bakery section! “I really want to go back to the Farm,” said Samantha, noting that she learned a lot and persevered despite this summer’s heat. “We didn’t care [about the heat]. We were perfect.”

Thank you, Jessie, Rory and Samantha!

Aubuchon Hardware

Cameron thrived at his internship at Aubuchon Hardware this summer – learning marketable skills like managing inventory, stocking shelves, and helping answer customer questions. With this experience, Cameron’s independence and confidence grew, and he hopes to pursue a year-round position with the business!

Way to go, Cameron! And thank you to Aubuchon Hardware for providing this community employment opportunity.


Heritage Museums and Gardens

When Howayne was looking for a summer job that would let him be active while developing valuable job skills, Heritage Museums and Gardens welcomed him to be part of the team. Howayne worked on a small team that helped set up for events and maintained the site’s expansive lawns and gardens. Using power tools like a leaf blower and hedge trimmer under staff guidance was a highlight for Howayne, who noted the experience made him interested in landscaping. “I liked all of it,” he said.

Great job, Howayne! And thank you to the team at Heritage Museums and Gardens for creating an inclusive workforce environment where Howayne could shine.

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