The Impact of Friendship

Volunteers Rachel du Plessis and Liz McNair are pictured with Sean Heffernan and Kevin Killala during an outing to the beach.

July 30th is International Friendship Day!

What is more meaningful than a true friendship? Our Growing Friendships program pairs a volunteer with an individual in Cape Abilities’ programs based on common interests and supports them in building a lasting connection.

Our pairs have enjoyed fun outings like trips to the beach, bowling, and enjoying a meal together. Opportunities to connect, talk, and laugh together are what the program is all about.

Rachel du Plessis and Liz McNair are volunteers in our Growing Friendships program. Their friendship with Sean and Kevin (pictured, left) has continued to deepen through on-on-one time, crafts, games, and activities in the community.

“As a volunteer, I have an interest in building meaningful connections with the individuals and the extremely dedicated staff. By exchanging our stories, we understand each other better. Engaging in purposeful and creative projects fosters individuals’ strengths,” said Liz.

“Each visit provides us an opportunity to share about our activities and interests, to celebrate the small moments or lend support when needed. I enjoy developing those relationships and find it quite meaningful.”

A huge thank you to all of our Growing Friendships volunteers who help make this such an impactful program at Cape Abilities.

If you are interested in learning more about the Growing Friendships program, please reach out to Susan Gotschewski at Learn more over on our Volunteer Page.

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