Worth the Whisk: Cooking class unlocks new interests for day program individuals

Individuals in our Lyndon Center day program are putting on their aprons and taking out their cookbooks!

Dick Hoyt (left), Janet Roman (center), and Jean Hoyt (right) have been volunteering in Cape Abilities day programs for many years

Dick and Jean Hoyt and Janet Roman have volunteered with Cape Abilities for many years, bringing fun, education, and new opportunities to our day program. Recently, the trio spearheaded a biweekly cooking class, which has quickly become a favorite among individuals looking to grow their cooking skills while diving into a fun new hobby!

Mike Rogers (center) adds broth for the chicken tortilla soup with encouragement from Hope Naylor (left) and Jean Hoyt (right)

“You’re combining a lot of skills in cooking, [including] reading and math,” said Janet, a former special education teacher who founded the cooking class.

Not only do Dick, Jean, and Janet lead each class with instruction on food preparation, cooking, and the importance of cleanup, but the three also take the lead on purchasing the groceries to ensure that every chef has what they need for an outstanding meal. Every class provides a new recipe, which individuals add to their recipe book as they go—all in line with the theme of their cookbook: “Eat a Rainbow.”

“Food is about community, and love—food’s about bringing people together. And we have fun!” said Jean. “It just became very rewarding to be a part of,” added Dick.

Amy Lane shows off the product of the cooking class, tortilla soup and quesadilla

The class is not just about cooking—it’s also about nutrition, buying the right foods, and trying different healthy options. Funded in part by the Cape and Islands United Way, developing healthy and creative recipes is a major component of the classes, encouraging sustainable living and eating.

“Putting the ingredients together and eating it too,” said James Violette of the most fun part of the class. James has been eagerly participating in the cooking class since it first began.

With your support and that of our outstanding volunteers, our day program chefs continue to add to their cookbooks—and their culinary skills—one recipe at a time!

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