You’ve got the Beet: Cape Abilities Farm brings fresh produce and recipes to residential homes

Cape Abilities volunteer Catherine Lawler assembles a Farm Market Box at Cape Abilities Farm.

Cape Abilities Farm is making healthy eating fun, fast, and accessible at our group homes! As you know, our social enterprises provide meaningful employment and training opportunities for individuals in our programs and invite the public to be part of our mission.

The latest initiative created a new opportunity for Cape Abilities Farm to uniquely enrich our 15 residential homes that provide 24 hour care and community for individuals.

Operating similarly to the Farm Market Box subscription service, Cape Abilities Farm assembles and delivers boxes of local, organic, and farm-grown vegetables, herbs, and fruit to all group homes on a biweekly basis. To support healthy cooking and eating, each package also comes with several recipes highlighting the weekly ingredients.

This opportunity to bring nutritious food and information straight to the doorstep of those we support is made possible through a grant from the Cape Cod Healthcare Community Benefits Program.

“We love being able to collaborate with our programs,” said Tracey Fraser, Director of Cape Abilities Farm. “We are proud of our produce membership programs and our focus on nutritional security, and to be able to add this value to our residential homes through this grant is very meaningful.”

The program is a powerful example of how our community supports and uplifts one another. Individuals who work at the farm are involved in the growing and harvesting crops. They also help assemble the boxes to share the freshest produce with individuals who live in our residences—a beautiful example of what’s possible with support, care, and connection.

“A win-win all the way around,” said Tracey

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