Strategic Plan


The Purpose

The strategic plan serves as a roadmap that outlines our goals and objectives, as well as the strategies and actions needed to achieve them. The plan, enacted by the Cape Abilities Board of Directors in July 2023, is a critical tool in decision making, allocating resources effectively, and adapting to changing circumstances. It serves as a blueprint for our future success and helps ensure that the work remains focused on the Cape Abilities mission and achieves desired outcomes.

Cape Abilities Strategic Plan

July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2026

Strategic Objective #1: Deliver programs that demonstrate impact for a holistic approach to our person-centered framework.

Strategic Objective #2: Attract, engage, and retain high-quality and diverse employees to deliver compassionate care and reflect our core values, the community in which we live, and the individuals served.

Strategic Objective #3: Strengthen technical and physical infrastructure and systems that empower staff and support consistent, efficient service delivery to individuals served.

Strategic Objective #4: Evaluate & strengthen program and financial health to support organizational sustainability.

Strategic Objective #5: Strengthen communication and advocacy efforts with key stakeholders to educate, inform and engage them in our mission, activity and needs.